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The Education Collaborative

The collective transforming African Education towards through collaborative excellence

About Project

The Education Collaborative partnered with ThirdLaw for comprehensive branding services, from developing a unique logo identity to creating detailed brand guidelines. The branding needed to reflect the collaborative’s mission and vision of educational excellence and systemic transformation in Africa. The key deliverables included

  • Logo
  • Brand Colours
  • Stationery
  • Design direction
  • Brand Guidelines
ThirdLaw branding and web design - The Education Collaborative-White Logo

About The Education Collaborative

The Education Collaborative by Ashesi University is a collective dedicated to transforming education systems and outcomes in Africa through collaboration and mentorship. With a mission to build a network of higher education institutions focused on achieving excellence in quality student outcomes, the Education Collaborative aims to drive systemic transformation across the continent.

The Approach

Inspired by Ashesi University, we developed a logo that derives it's ethos from the Ashesi logo. Using the Akan stool, we created a round loop of stools sitting in a round circle to represent collaboration.We then developed comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all visual and communicative touchpoints. The guidelines detail the appropriate use of the logo, color palette, typography, and other design elements, providing a cohesive framework that reinforces the collaborative’s identity and mission. This new visual identity aligns with the collaborative’s goals, enhancing its efforts to foster educational excellence and transformative outcomes in Africa.

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