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Clearspace Labs

The innovation lab building a more connected intelligent world

Project Brief

After ClearSpace Labs developed their logo, they engaged ThirdLaw to expand the visual identity, drawing inspiration from the concept of building blocks to symbolize the foundation of innovation and progress.

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ThirdLaw branding and web design - ClearSpace Labs Logo

About Clearspace Labs

Clearspace Labs is dedicated to creating a more connected and intelligent world. Comprised of a diverse group of creatives, inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs, Clearspace Labs aims to tackle some of the world's most challenging problems by leveraging the latest technological advances. Their mission is to improve the lives of millions globally through innovative technology solutions. Clearspace labs is behind some daring and audacious innovations, such as Serenity Health, a healthcare financing solution that brings immediate, high quality, and affordable primary care to insured, uninsured, and underinsured small businesses; Fishreef an AI-enabled reef system developed along the Western coast of Africa from Senegal to Angola to support long term sustainable supply of food for Africa, and several other innovative technologies.

The Approach

ThirdLaw reimagined the Clearspace Labs brand identity by building upon their existing logo. The identity draws inspiration from the concept of building blocks, symbolizing the collaborative and foundational approach Clearspace Labs takes in developing groundbreaking solutions. The revamped identity was designed to reflect the lab's commitment to innovation, diversity, and problem-solving. Our design process focused on creating a cohesive visual language that would resonate with Clearspace Labs' mission to improve lives through technology. The new brand identity was applied across various touchpoints, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance.

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