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The flagship event empowering families for sustainable development

About Project

Our collaboration involved developing an identity that embodies the conference's mission of fostering peace, inclusivity, and sustainable development within societies globally. Through strategic use of color, typography, and iconography, we sought to create a cohesive and impactful brand image that resonates and communicates the conference's commitment to strengthening families and communities.

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ThirdLaw branding and web design - Strengthening Families Conference - White Logo

About Strengthening Families Conference 2024

The Strengthening Families Conference, organized annually by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a global event dedicated to fostering peace, inclusivity, and sustainable development in societies worldwide. Each year, the conference addresses pressing issues and promotes unity, strength, and goodwill within communities. With a focus on strengthening individuals and families, the conference aims to address societal challenges and promote positive change.

The Approach

Our approach to event branding for the Strengthening Families Conference involved careful consideration of color, typography, and iconography to effectively convey the conference's message. We utilized green as the primary color to reflect the conference's commitment to growth and inclusivity, while the abstract brand icon reinforces the importance of unity within families and communities. For typography, we chose Red Hat Display—a modern interpretation of geometric sans serif styles—known for its legibility and contemporary aesthetic. The Display styles, with minimal contrast and tight spacing, ensure optimal impact in conveying the conference's message, while Text styles prioritize legibility, particularly in smaller sizes.

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