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Tapestry Soul Care

The ministry nurturing leaders through spiritual formation and soul care

About Project

ThirdLaw collaborated with Tapestry Soul Care to develop a branding identity that visually embodies their mission and values.

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  • Brand Colours
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  • Social Media Templates
ThirdLaw branding and web design - Tapestry Soul Care (white) logo

About Tapestry Soul Care

Tapestry Soul Care is a Christian ministry focused on soul care and spiritual formation. It seeks to create a welcoming space for the Holy Spirit to minister to the mind, emotions, and will, empowering leaders to grow in their spiritual formation and thrive in their mission.

The Approach

ThirdLaw crafted a distinctive logo for Tapestry Soul Care, merging the symbols of the cross and a tapestry to represent Christianity and the intricate nature of life. The cross symbolizes sacrifice, redemption, and hope, while the tapestry illustrates complexity, richness, and the interwoven experiences of life. This abstract design creates a visually appealing identity that conveys strength, diversity, and resilience, aligning with Tapestry's mission to empower leaders to thrive through spiritual formation. The logo’s symbolism reflects hope, strength, and resilience, mirroring the core values of the brand and its dedication to fostering environments where leaders can experience God’s care for their souls. Our design strategy ensured that Tapestry Soul Care’s visual identity would effectively communicate their mission across all platforms and materials.

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