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Africa to the Rest

The community leading the way in taking Africa to the rest of the world

About Project

Africa to the Rest (A2R) enlisted our services for logo design, book cover design, web development and social media designs to establish a distinct identity and digital presence for their community. The project’s goal was to create a platform that supports the ongoing discussion and engagement around the book's themes, while also reflecting the significance of Africa's contributions to global Christianity.

  • Logo
  • Brand Colours
  • Stationery
  • Social Media Designs
  • Website
  • Book cover
ThirdLaw branding and web design - Africa to the Rest White Logo

About Africa to the Rest

Africa to the Rest (A2R) is a groundbreaking initiative that celebrates Africa's central role in global Christianity. Highlighting Africa's rich spiritual heritage and future potential, A2R aims to foster a dedicated community of readers and followers who are committed to nurturing conversations about Africa’s pivotal contributions to Christianity.

The Approach

ThirdLaw crafted a cohesive visual identity and digital experience for A2R, encompassing a logo, website, social media designs, and a book cover. The logo serves as a cornerstone, capturing the essence of Africa's pivotal role in global Christianity. A twirling circle, reminiscent of dynamic movement and progress, sits atop a directional arrow, symbolizing Africa's forward momentum and influence in shaping the future of Christianity. This design cleverly integrates the outline of the African map, subtly reinforcing A2R's mission to celebrate and amplify Africa's spiritual heritage. The seamless and engaging website, designed with intuitive navigation and interactive elements, fosters a strong sense of community. The book cover design further reinforces the concept of Africa as a rising spiritual force for global impact.

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