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AFBS 2023

The premier event elevating and empowering family businesses into sustainable growth and success

About Project

In 2023, Raven's Consulting, the organisers of Africa Family Business Summit engaged ThirdLaw to provide comprehensive event branding and motion graphics for their summit in Accra, Ghana. Our goal was to create a visual identity and creative direction that reflected the summit’s focus on governance and best practices for family-owned businesses in Africa

  • Event Motif
  • Screen Graphics
  • On-site Branding
  • Social Media Designs
  • Event Brochure
ThirdLaw branding and web design - Africa Family Business Summit (AFBS2023)-12

About Africa Family Business Summit 2023

The Africa Family Business Summit (AFBS) is an annual conference organized by Ravens Consulting. It focuses on the unique governance challenges faced by family-owned businesses. It aims to educate and assist families in adopting best practices for effective governance across the business, family, and ownership group, ensuring sustainable success and growth.

The Approach

ThirdLaw designed a cohesive event branding package for the Africa Family Business Summit, including logos, banners, and promotional materials that underscore the summit’s focus on governance and family business best practices. The visual identity featured elegant and professional design elements that resonate with the theme of African family enterprise governance. Additionally, we created engaging motion graphics to be used throughout the event, adding a dynamic and modern touch to presentations and sessions. This combination of branding and motion graphics ensured a visually appealing and cohesive experience for all attendees, reinforcing the summit's mission to help family businesses thrive through effective governance.

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