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Hubris Hue

The fashion brand empowering women to be Queens

About Project

ThirdLaw was commissioned to develop the branding for Hubris Hue, a fashion brand that celebrates diversity and empowers women through stylish and elegant apparel. Key deliverables included;

ThirdLaw branding and web design - Hubris Hue Logo-1

About Hubris Hue

Hubris Hue is a fashion and beauty brand dedicated to catering to diverse individuals. The brand aims to make women feel like queens in what they wear, combining elegance with inclusivity.

The Approach

ThirdLaw crafted a brand identity for Hubris Hue that embodies elegance and empowerment. The logo features a symbol incorporating both a crown and a smile, representing the brand’s mission to make women feel regal and joyous in their attire. This thoughtful design emphasizes the combination of royalty and happiness, perfectly aligning with Hubris Hue’s commitment to making every woman feel like a queen.

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