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The Ghanaian custom-made Mens fashion brand that makes clothes just for you

About Project

ASA partnered with us for a comprehensive branding and web development project. Our collaboration aimed to create a cohesive brand identity and a user-friendly website that reflects ASA's mission and values, while also showcasing its products and services effectively. Key deliverables include;

  • Logo
  • Brand Colours
  • Stationery
  • Social Media Designs
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Website
ThirdLaw branding and web design - ASA-3

About ASA

ASA Custom-Made (ASA) is a Ghana-based fashion and consulting company dedicated to providing creatives with a platform to express themselves artistically. Rooted in the values of Confidence and Excellence, ASA empowers individuals to feel better about themselves while effortlessly standing out in any environment.

The Approach

In our approach to the project, we focused on creating a seamless integration between ASA's brand identity and its online presence. For branding, we designed a visually striking logo that embodies Confidence and Excellence, ensuring it represents ASA's commitment to empowering individuals in the fashion industry. This minimalist design conveys a sense of balance, stability, and sophistication, symbolizing the brand's high-quality and well-constructed fashion items. Overall, the logo reflects Asa's modern, elegant, and creative identity in making you feel confident.For the website development, we implemented a user-friendly interface with modern design elements to enhance the user experience. We incorporated features that allow visitors to explore ASA's offerings easily, from fashion collections to consulting services. Additionally, we optimized the website for mobile responsiveness, ensuring accessibility across various devices.

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