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The royal brand embodying bravery, patience, and wealth

About Project

Anyifie sought to reinforce its authority and civic presence through a new visual identity that reflects its rich history and cultural significance. The goal was to create a brand that honors the paramountcy's heritage while emphasizing its strength and leadership.

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ThirdLaw branding and web design - Anyifie-Logo

About Anyifie

Anyifie, home of the Anyis, is a royal brand located in the southern part of the western north region of Ghana, with a rich history of bravery, patience, and aristocracy. Rooted in the lineage of the imperial Oyoko tribe, Anyifie preserves and celebrates the tribal descent and cultural heritage of the Anyi people.

The Approach

Our approach to developing the identity was to use symbolic elements that have strong representation for the people of Anyi. We wanted them to remember who they are and what they stand for, anytime they look at this identity. Finally, we wanted to create a bridge between the present and the past and to pave way for the future.

We designed a new identity for Anyifie, incorporating two key elements: the "Falcon" and the "Adinkra" symbols. The Falcon, emblematic of the Oyoko clan and significant to the paramount chief of Aowin, symbolizes nobility and leadership. The Adinkra symbol "Aban," representing strength, power, and authority, connects the parts of the stool, the paramountcy's traditional seat of power. This design highlights the core attributes of the Anyi people and their paramountcy, reinforcing their preeminence and civic presence. Our deliverables included;

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