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Career Wheel

The career advisory firm using a growth-minded approach to empower the workforce of the future

About Project

The project involved rebranding Productivity Optimizer to Career Wheel, reflecting its evolved services and vision. Career Wheel required a new visual identity that matched its comprehensive and human-centric approach to career consultancy. The objective was to design an identity that communicated the brand's promise of providing end-to-end solutions for career navigation, aligning with its mission to support young professionals in achieving career growth and satisfaction.

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ThirdLaw branding and web design - Career Wheel-White Logo

About Career Wheel

Career Wheel - formerly Productivity Optimizer, is a result-driven talent advisory firm dedicated to providing tailored and holistic career guidance to young professionals. Founded by Joel Anaman, the firm leverages unconventional processes to help clients develop a growth mindset, build career capital, and achieve career satisfaction. With a humane, inclusive, and empowering approach, Career Wheel aims to build a fulfilled and effective workforce for the future.

The Approach

ThirdLaw designed a new visual identity for Career Wheel that embodies the brand’s promise of comprehensive career navigation solutions. The identity features a navigating wheel logo symbolizing continuous growth and collaborative career guidance. Utilizing a color palette of green and blue, the design represents growth and trust. The new visual elements and logo rhythmically convey Career Wheel’s commitment to helping clients achieve their career goals. This identity supports Career Wheel’s vision of empowering professionals to develop a growth mindset, build career capital, and find purpose in their careers. Key Deliverables included;

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