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Career Wheel

How can a talent advisory brand unlock a human approach to putting careers on wheels?

We created a new visual identity for Accra-based career advisory firm, Productivity Optimizer, now Career Wheel. 

The Project

Career Wheel is a result-driven talent consultancy with a global client base. Founded by Joel Anaman, the company aims to leverage unconventional processes to career guidance with a more tailored and holistic approach that identifies with the values and growth requirements of emerging young professionals. 

With a humane, inclusive and empowering approach, Career Wheel has built a service that helps you stand out as a talent, whether you are working, on a hiatus, or about to launch into your career. The firm seeks to build the fulfilled and effective workforce of the future, with the vision of  “a world where professionals develop a growth and ownership mindset, build their career capital seamlessly and achieve career satisfaction”.

Since 2019, Career Wheel has reached over 2500 people with career navigation support through virtual and physical engagements. What started as a mere résumé building service has evolved into Career Wheel. The brief put to us was to create an identity that meets its evolved brand. In response, we designed a concept that draws heavily on the brand promise – “end-to-end solutions to your career navigation needs”.

Using unique visual elements, the new identity echoes the logo’s wheeler rhythm. The colors, green and blue, suits their growth mindset and value of building trust with the people they serve. 

From the previous logo concept of an optimizer that is continually leveling up productivity, the new identity presents a navigating wheel that utilizes end-to-end solutions collaboratively to meet people’s career navigation needs. The new identity fits into the brand promise and has enabled Career Wheel to compose a complete and unique visual language for limitless career possibilities.

Career Wheel provides a result-driven alternative to the emerging professional—quality metrics for measuring performance and an inclusive assessment process  inspires ownership. Using a design concept that will appeal to its core audience of forward thinking professionals, we designed an identity that perfectly encapsulates Career Wheel – life’s wheel of ‘helping people land jobs, find purpose in their careers and win in the workplace’.

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