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When the traditional source of community continues eroding and losing roots, how do you foster innovative connections and reaffirm communal relations for Africans in the diaspora? Afriket, which is an abridged version of ‘African Market’ offers a new way to organically experience Africa’s tasteful authenticity.

The Project

Afriket is on a mission to connect Africans to their roots and also non-Africans to the African identity through a marketplace for fashion, food, events, entertainment, and more! To highlight Afriket’s sense of heritage, locality, and fashion tradition, we introduced a vibrant but cohesive identity and community-driven design system. We branched out of the use of cliche elements like “cart” or “African maps” and rather focused on heritage and community experience at the heart of Afriket.

As the main elements that identify Africans from the rest of the world, the distinct African colors, shapes, and patterns were used in this identity concept to create unique typography that spells out Afriket.

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