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As with any form of design, what lies at the heart of subtle but essential creative legacy? 

Keystone’s approach to creating value in the architectural design practice proves that bringing visual harmonies to spaces isn’t just about universal formulas and reinforcing concrete with rods of steel, but about ensuring that solutions are inspired by values which offer rich expressive possibilities.

The Project 

For over 35 years, Keystone has pioneered a unique combination of finance and technical expertise with their experience in architecture, construction management, and real estate financing. The firm has designed buildings ranging in type from houses, schools, religious buildings and community centers to hotels, mixed-use/housing, corporate interiors, academic infrastructure, and others across some high-profile projects. ThirdLaw collaborated with Keystone to design a new dynamic website that highlights the firm’s multi-disciplinary approach to architecture and design in perspective, conviction, and personality.

Keystone’s work is pragmatic, contextual, and modernist, and these qualities helped guide the creation of the website. The new website utilizes a modular design that illuminates both the firm’s adaptability in translating historic, social, economic, and environmental contexts as well as its multi-faceted methodology.

The Keystone website is a responsive resource with a clean, clear, and accessible design that highlights the company’s portfolio and products. The homepage of the site functions as a kind of viewer into the firm’s practice, with content divided into five streams: Projects, Clients, Works, and client testimonials. A slider is used to show the contrast between the start and finish of a featured project.

Projects are presented in flexible portfolio modules for four different verticals; Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Residential; as a strip of images, like frames in a film to give a sense of Keystone’s all-encompassing capabilities and the scale of its projects.

Once users begin exploring the navigation, clicking on the work takes the user into a case study of the project, a gallery in a tile view that appears as an engaging grid of high-resolution images. Clicking on the images opens a vertically navigating scroll that allows users to experience each architectural work dynamically and holistically.

The work can be filtered and reorganized by the four verticals displayed as a header which is very useful for targeting specific clients.

The site’s visual profile is ‘unboring’, appealing, and flexible.

See Keystone in action:

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